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January Update

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

It was a busy busy past few months.   First,  I had my biggest concert in the US at Ohlone College past November.  Here is the review from San Francisco Examiner :

A “Breath of Asia” wafts through Fremont on a November breeze

“A concert called Lanterns of Light: Breath of Asia – Music of Vietnam breezed through Smith College in Fremont this weekend. It was a kaleidoscopic blend of tone colors, rhythms and sounds, a blending of eastern aesthetic and western sensibility…”

We played for a full house – probably just a few show that Ohlone College managed to sell-out.  The energy was great and I definitely want to extend my thanks to members of Breath of Asia and the community for supporting us.

January 15th,  I had a surprised concert at Fly Trap Studio (thanks Kallan Nishimoto) with NguyenLe — one of great Jazz guitarists.  He was doing a gig in New York and we had a great opportunity to bring him over to play with us and we took a bite and went for it.  Four of us (I, Jimmy Nakagawa, Aaron Germain, and NguyenLe) had only 3 days of practicing together before we performed.  I think everything went through smoothly enough even though it was the first time I ever had to play anything this fast.  We played two sessions and sold out both.  We are hoping to bring NguyenLe back.  Here is the article on the concert…

Nguyen Le and Van-Anh Vo Caught in an Oakland Flytrap!

“…The music ran through a variety of emotions and styles from the atmospheric and sublime to a jammin’ driven sound. On the sublime side of things Van-Anh Vo played a beautiful reflective composition inspired by the flowers of Vietnam around Hanoi. It employed a playing technique where the higher strings on the Dan Tranh were played up and down in rapid succession creating a waterfall like sound while strings in the lower register of the instrument were plucked individually. This created a rippling effect that was extraordinarily beautiful.Another highlight of the show was a tune from the Balkans in nineteen beats. This tune featured Nguyen Le doing some intricate riffing on the guitar and Van-Anh Vo delivering a presto non presto T’rung solo that was played with such blinding speed that when observing one could not see the mallets striking the bamboo, the fingers or hands but only a blur of motion accompanied by rapid successions of notes pouring in torrents from the T’rung. Awesome to hear and awe inspiring to behold!…”

Finally…  I am doing a concert this February 5th with Charles Loos (jazz piano),  Ali Ryerson (flute),  Khac-Quan (violin),  Jimmy Nakagawa (taiko).  The music will feature the infusion of jazz into Vietnamese traditional music and infusion of Vietnamese traditional musical instruments into jazz!!!  This concert party benefits San Carlos Adult Community Center…  Click for more info.

Thanks for your support and hope to see some of you there.

Happy New Year,

Van-Anh Vo