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Bolinao 52 Soundtrack Recording- Dan Bau

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Van-Anh Vo records a Dan Bau (Vietnamese monochord) tune for Bolinao 52, a documentary on Vietnamese Boat People.

Van-Anh performs Sakura, Sakura on dan Tranh

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Van-Anh (Vanessa) Vo won First Place in the Dan Tranh (Vietnamese 16-string zither) National Competition in Vietnam in 1995. Her nationally acclaimed career has taken her and her beloved Vietnamese music to international festivals and performances throughout America, Europe, and Asia. Born into a musician family, Van-Anh demonstrated her musical talents precociously. She can play numerous Vietnamese string and percussion instruments as well as the keyboard, but the instrument she feels most attachment is the dan tranh.

About the dan tranh: A Vietnamese 16-string instrument, dan tranh emits clear, bright sound like that of water flowing. It probably originated from the same family of the Japanese koto, the Korean kayagum, and the Chinese zheng. The player wears finger-nail plectrums on three fingers to pluck and glide on the strings. Dan tranh is played solo or in ensemble, accompanying poem recitation or singing and taking part in different Vietnamese traditional orchestras.

Van-Anh Vo performs Dan Bau (Vietnamese monochord)

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

If one sound had to be chosen to evoke Vietnam, for many it would be the sound of the Dan Bau as it is one of only two traditional musical instruments of purely vietnamese origin. The word “bau” means gourd and refers to the dried gourd fastened to the handle, surrounding the string at the point where it connects to the handle. In the past this gourd may have served as a resonator, but today it survives as a decorative feature. Nowadays the Dan Bau is constructed using hardwood for a frame and softwood for the surface.

Van-Anh Vo performs dan T’rung (HD)

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

A performance by Van-Anh Vo, a Vietnamese dan Tranh National Champion, with various traditional Vietnamese instruments, including dan Tranh (sixteen-stringed zither), dan Bau (monochord), and dan Trung at Flytrap studio in Oakland, CA.